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Frequently Asked Questions


Since our founding, we’ve been at the forefront of driving progress in Malaysia through technology. With this programme, we’ll be able to directly support organisations that share our purpose to drive our vision of helping Malaysia Always be Ahead.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Individuals will need to represent an organisation.

If the competing telecommunications company has invested or sponsored your organisation, your organisation will be ineligible for this award.

Proposal and execution

The possibilities are endless, just be sure to quantify the impact for the targeted segment. Some examples include:

  • Providing quality jobs to the community
  • Improving quality of life through tech
  • Increasing environmental sustainability
  • Upskilling underprivileged communities to improve their livelihoods

Both new and existing projects are allowed, as long as it fulfills the three criteria of being tech-enabled, being new and better, and adds value to the community.

Start by browsing our website for an overview of our solutions.
For more questions, do email us at maxisawards@maxis.com.my, with the email subject: Question regarding Maxis Awards

You may use other digital or business solutions in the development of the idea but you must ensure that Maxis’s digital solutions or connectivity has a role in your project.

Unfortunately, we are only accepting submissions from organisations registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) or Registrar of Societies.

There are no restrictions. You may do it solo or as a team. However, only individuals with a role to play in the presentation or Q&A session will be invited.

Each organization is allowed only one submission.

Winner commitments

  • Develop the project idea within six months
  • Provide Maxis with regular updates on your progress, at least once a month
  • Continue to share project results up to a year from the project commencement
  • Have spokespersons and project access available for publicity campaigns

We’ll be able to lend our technical expertise related to technologies related to our solutions such as cloud, IoT, and networking. Any other expertise needed would be the responsibility of the award winner.

We will require organizations participating to authorize the following compliance checks:

  • Due diligence questions (DDQ)
  • Integrity pledge
  • CTOS and CCRIS check
  • MACC ESTK check

Contact Us

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c/o The Star Events Business Unit,
Menara Star, 15, Jalan 16/11,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

For enquiries, please email:

03-7967 1388 ext 1871 / 1039 / 1104

(Mon - Fri, 9.00am - 5.30pm)